Attitudes to Health and Healthcare India and the UK

Raj shares humorous and tragic stories from east and west with sensitivity in order to highlight the extraordinary system of the NHS, which he is proud to have worked for.

He goes on to highlight areas of communication that may need to be tailored differently for patients from varying ethnic origins and explain why a positive narrative when providing healthcare matters most for a sense of wellbeing for  the patient.

In addition Raj talks about the findings of his own comprehensive health needs assessment, which was conducted with migrants to the UK in south west of England. He has valuable insights about how healthcare is viewed by people from different ethnic origins, as well as sharing strategies for engaging and sustaining relationships with migrant communities and empowering them for change.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Using anecdotes and stories from his own experiences as an innovator, Raj builds a strong case for how change is often stifled when it is