Raj has given a series of successful, highly regarded, engaging and inspiring talks to a wide range of public and private organisations as well as corporate and Government (entities). Raj’s talks are both entertaining and informative and are inspired from the time he spent surviving in the slums of Mumbai and his remarkable journey from a hostile and deprived environment to his subsequent move to live in the UK.

Village life: England and India compared
Taking a humorous look at the differences and challenges of village life in two hugely different countries. Learn how to greet your neighbours, what to do about other people’s children, and what to expect at village celebrations!

An immigrant’s experience of England
What is it like to arrive in a new country for the first time? When you don’t know why your bathroom doesn’t have a bucket in it, what a lunch box is, or why dogs seem to have all the fun…

Manners maketh Man – cultural observations around food and manners in the east and the west.
Have you ever told the host how wonderful the food was when in reality it wasn’t even fully cooked? Ever smiled politely when the waiting staff dropped food in your lap. Ever apologised when a stranger bumped into you? In this talk you’ll find new ways to laugh at British sensibilities

Attitudes to Health and Healthcare India and the UK
Raj shares humorous and tragic stories from east and west with sensitivity in order to highlight the extraordinary system of the NHS, which he is proud to have worked for.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Using anecdotes and stories from his own experiences as an innovator, Raj builds a strong case for how change is often stifled when it is needed and embraced simply when it is easy.

Emancipation of Middle-Class Women in India
Women of India, once considered only fit for domestic chores and looking after the house and children, in 21st Century have assumed the role of professionals. Nearly 50% of India’s population is women. Find out about their plights, triumphs, opportunities and limitations. 

Slum Survival Mindset
If you survive long enough in the slums of Mumbai to tell your story you learn how to milk a bull! Interested?

Find out what kind of mindset you need to develop in order to survive like a cockroach in the slums of Bombay. You will learn to thrive on misfortunes, that’s the secret.

Appreciation Redefined
Raj redefines appreciation in his funny and endearing talk which contrasts life in the hustle and bustle of Mumbai compared to rural Dorset. Sharing a collection of his personal stories and experiences – from losing friends on Mumbai’s railways, to becoming a nurse, to adapting to the very different ways of communicating with colleagues and patients in the UK.