Life Coaching

My aim is to help you see more of yourself and put you in touch with the better you. This begins by changing core beliefs.

If you have hit rock bottom and it seems that whichever way you turn you are faced by a dead end, yet despite this you continue to seek a way out, I can help you.

I firmly believe that through the power of structured and constructive introspection you can manage most significant mental health issues.

My sessions will involve deep introspection and requires a strict discipline of thought-hygiene, thought-audit and thought-rationing. Through cognitive re-framing you can bring about deep level identity change and help to build your core confidence.

The final goal for myself and for others who work with me is to become a source of positive emotions. First for yourself and then by default you will be a source of positive emotions to others.

For more information on how I can help you on your journey and to arrange an informal chat please complete the contact form.