Living proof that a small Indian boy's dreams can become a reality


Dip RGN, Bsc Specialist in Community Public Health Nursing, PG Dip Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Raj is a motivational speaker, transformational coach and living proof that a small Indian boys dreams can become a reality and you can make it from the pipes of Mumbai to the TEDx stage in London in one lifetime.

Raj is a Tedx NHS 2019 speaker, selected from over 1000 applicants across the UK. His Tedx Talk can be accessed by following the link below.

Raj started his career in Mumbai. He was young and full of hope, but life was hard and he was often hungry, tired and battered by the reality of life. He had a steady job working at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the city. But despite having a professional job, Raj earned 6,000 rupees a month (about £70), and was living in a room shared with 23 other people in a railway quarter. For four years all his belongings fitted into a plastic bag: a toothbrush and some toothpaste, one spare set of clothes and one pair of shoes. For all this time he lived in a space that was 6 feet by 2 feet. Raj arrived in England 20 years ago on a one-way ticket and with just £5 in his pocket. As far as he was concerned coming to the UK was the fastest shortcut to a good life. As a first-generation Indian economic migrant to England and to the NHS, Raj grew up in a village knowing nothing about speaking English, let alone working in a European country. Raj went on to achieve his Degree and Post-Graduation qualifications from UK universities. In his talks, Raj shares his insights and learnings on a variety of important topics, relevant to anyone looking to realise their potential. These include what skills it takes to become a successful employee in Europe, those all-important interview skills for both online and in-person interviews, personality development and transformation, and how you too can become successful with nothing more than the skills you already have. You will be taken on a humorous and informative journey that will make you look with new eyes at the concept of leadership in your personal life and improve your general understanding of working in Western Countries. There is something for everyone in this engaging immigrant’s tale that is bound to both enlighten and educate.